Security Fly Screen: Is It Possible?

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Screen Store

Most people believe that they have only two options when it comes to screening systems for their homes: they can choose a fly screen or a security screen. However, a security fly screen is an option with many companies, and you may not know much about them. It’s a dual-purpose screening system that prevents intrusion when used correctly and keeps bugs out of the house. Primarily, they are called security screens because they use aluminium or stainless steel mesh around a steel or aluminium frame. That way, thieves can’t easily get into your house, even if you leave the front door open.

A security fly screen also keeps out flies and other insects. You like to leave the doors and windows open throughout the day and night to let in the breeze and turn off the air conditioner. The only trouble is flies, mosquitos, bees and other unsavoury insects can get into your house, as well. Flies can bring disease with them, mosquitos feed on your blood (and make you itch), and bees/wasps can sting you. None of these insects are pleasant, and you want to keep them out of the house while still enjoying natural light and the cross breeze. With a fly screen, you can!

SP Screens offers a variety of products to keep you happy and comfortable. A security fly screen is a little stronger than a traditional flyscreen. Flyscreens can come in pet-proof mesh, fibreglass mesh, and bushfire-approved mesh. However, if you want the added benefit of deterring thieves, it might be more suitable to go with Eclipx or Exceed, both of which offer security screens that can act as a flyscreen. You install one product and get two practical uses out of them, making them cost-effective and suitable for any instance. You can talk to a friendly representative if you have questions.

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