Removing Rust From A Metal Overhead Garage Door Phoenix AZ

by | Jul 28, 2017 | Garage Door

Rust can form on metal if moisture, salt, and sand come into contact with a surface for extended amounts of time. If a metal garage door hasn’t been treated with a rust-resistant coating and small rust spots are forming near the edges of the door, the following steps can be followed to eliminated corrosion from metal. After cleaning a metal door, a coat of rust inhibiting sealer that is applied to a door’s surface will protect metal from further damage.

Materials Needed

  • weighted drop cloth
  • rust dissolving gel or spray
  • sponge
  • scrub brush
  • water hose
  • nozzle
  • metal cleaning agent
  • bucket
  • deck brush
  • masking tape
  • rust protecting sealer
  • thick-napped roller cover
  • paint roller and frame

Administering A Rust Dissolving Agent And Cleaning A Door

An Overhead Garage Door in Phoenix AZ should be closed and locked prior to removing rust from its exterior. Weighted drop cloths can be laid across the ground to collect flecks of rust, a cleaning agent, and sealer. Rust dissolving gel or spray should be applied directly to each rusted surface. If a gel is being used, a sponge can be used to administer the product to corroded spots. Dissolving agents may require several minutes to begin working.

After rust begins to disintegrate, a scrub brush should be moved rapidly over metal to assist with removing flecks of rust. A deck brush or scrub brush can be used to apply a metal cleaning agent to a door’s surface. After attaching a nozzle to a water hose, a steady stream of water should be used to rinse a cleaning agent from metal.

Applying A Sealer

Strips of masking tape can be used to cover window frames, hardware or any other features on an Overhead Garage Door in Phoenix AZ. A rust protecting sealer should be poured into a paint tray before it is applied to metal so that a paint roller can be dipped into the product. A thick-napped roller cover should be used to apply the sealer. A roller will need to be moved over metal in straight lines. A thin, even coat of sealant should be applied. After sealant has dried, strips of tape can be peeled from features on a door’s exterior.

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