How to Avoid Scams When Hiring a Garage Door Installation Service in Lancaster County

The right garage door can make a huge difference when it comes to a home’s aesthetic appeal, practical functionality, and even property value. No matter what type of garage doors homeowners choose, they’ll need to find a qualified garage door installation service in Lancaster County that can help. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous companies and individuals are around to take advantage of homeowners who need this specialized service. Read on to find out how to recognize scams while seeking out a qualified contractor below.

Unknown Address

Any legitimate company will be able to provide its customers with a physical address in the area. If a company or contractor is unwilling to provide an address, it should be interpreted as a serious red flag as many scammers advertise phone numbers but do not maintain physical addresses for their illegitimate businesses. Those who are concerned may want to take the extra step of driving by the business’s physical location to see what it looks like before signing a contract.

High-Pressure Tactics

Don’t be pressured into making quick decisions. If a contractor claims that the property is in danger if the door isn’t replaced immediately, he or she may not actually be acting in readers’ best interests. Ask for a second opinion from another company and evaluate whether or not to trust what the first contractor has said based on the additional information provided.

Door to Door Visits

Few, if any, legitimate companies advertise their services or specials via door to door marketing. If someone shows up on the doorstep claiming to work for a legitimate company offering time-sensitive deals, chances are the person is actually trying to scam homeowners of their hard-earned money.

Questionable Phone Calls

First, don’t trust calls from private numbers. Even if the company does not have a blocked number, though, it’s important to pay attention to what the person on the other line says to avoid being scammed. For instance, if the person who answers the phone gives a generic response like “garage door service” rather than saying the company’s actual name, it could be a sign of serious trouble.

Get the Search Started Off Right

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