Go Green in Style with Advice from GreenGuard

We live in an age which is increasingly conscious of the impact we as human beings have on the environment. Change has been a long time coming, which makes it all the more gratifying that “going green” isn’t just something industry experts advocate, but which is likewise a wholesale trend among designers and consumers alike. Being environmentally smart and savvy has never been more chic, and the leading design companies for business décor know it.

That’s why more and more businesses are looking to leaders like GreenGuard for advice on obtaining décor solutions, which are equal parts aesthetically sharp and environmentally sound.

What Is It?

The Clean Air Act was, without a doubt, one of the most important acts to come through Congress in the past few decades. Maintaining good, healthy air quality is essential to not just office life, but human life on the whole. In its wake have followed organizations such as GreenGuard—an independent organization which helps companies find and embrace building materials which are environmentally safe, and which likewise promote healthy air quality in and around office spaces. The organization concerns itself with everything from testing chemical emissions and mold remediation, to introducing companies to better building materials for a better, brighter, greener tomorrow.

How Can It Help

If you are looking to give your company a fresh start in more ways than one, GreenGuard can help your company get ahead of the curve and “go green” today. They can be especially helpful when it comes to finding new fabrics and materials—such as certified word—which are not just environmentally sound but among the most fashionable design materials in use today. Companies certified with them can help businesses outfit their interiors with everything from bold new wallcoverings and drapery, to crisp, safe paint and upholstery options.

“Go green” and conquer with great new safe design options such as these.

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