Frequently Asked Questions About New Carpet Installation Services

Many homeowners choose carpeting for their home because of its comfort, durability and appearance. After purchasing their flooring material, homeowners should have their carpeting professionally installed. To learn about professional Carpet Installation Services, read the frequently asked questions below.

Is carpet installation something that homeowners can do themselves or should they hire an installer?

Homeowners who have carpet installation experience often install their own carpeting. Individuals who have never installed carpeting before should hire a professional for this service. Problems may arise during carpet installation and individuals who aren’t experienced often do not know how to fix various issues. If the carpeting isn’t installed correctly the seams will be visible and the carpet may start to buckle.

Will the professional installers move the furniture or will the homeowners be responsible for doing this ahead of time?

Each carpet installation service has their own specific policy regarding furniture moving. Some installation companies include this with their installation fee, while others charge extra for this service. Before moving the furniture, installers normally request that the homeowners remove all items that are on top of or inside the furniture. Alternatively, some homeowners choose to move their own furniture and have the room ready when the installers arrive.

What are some signs that indicate homeowners should get new carpet installation?

Carpeting can last for many years, but even with the best of care, it does wear out. Carpets usually wear out quicker when there are small children or pets in the house. The type of carpeting also plays a role in determining how many years the carpet will last. The signs of worn out carpeting include flat carpet fibers that won’t stand back up and imprints in the carpeting. This is most often found in areas of the home that get an excessive amount of foot traffic. If the carpeting has several large stains or it’s bleached from the sun shining through the windows, this is also an indication that homeowners should consider new Carpet Installation Services from a professional company.

Homeowners who are in need of professional carpet installation can contact Carpet Clearance Warehouse. This company also carries a large inventory of flooring material including carpeting, tile, hardwood, laminate and vinyl. Visit their website at to learn the business hours of their two locations. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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