Foundation Companies in Houston, TX Protect Your Property’s Value

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Foundation Repair

Foundation issues can, and do, threaten the structural integrity of Houston area homes. Most of the problems encountered by foundation experts are directly related to the area’s soil types. When water is added to the soils, expansion forces shifts in foundations, often resulting in cracking or uneven lifting and settling. Foundation Companies in Houston TX provide solid strategies to deal with virtually any foundation issue, but there are steps homeowners can take to minimize the threat of damage.

Correct Site Drainage Issues

Homeowners can often avoid major issues by altering the contours of their lots. Land should slope away from the home to provide a path for water to follow, minimizing the saturation of soils near the structure’s foundation. In many cases, contractors making repairs to homes that have already suffered some type of foundation issue will recommend re-contouring the land to mitigate the effects of water as part of the overall repair strategy.

Install and Maintain Gutters

Another step to take when dealing with excess water around the home is installing new gutters or maintaining the existing ones. Properly installed and maintained gutters prevent roof runoff from eroding the soil around a home. The water can easily be moved away from the structure to prevent water saturation issues from causing damage. Again, gutters are generally considered an integral part of an overall plan to prevent, or at least mitigate, the potential for foundation issues to develop.

Be Proactive

While it’s important to have any suspected foundation issues dealt with promptly, being proactive is a better course of action. Foundation Companies in Houston TX will inspect a home’s foundation to spot any developing issues and provide advice for dealing with those issues before they become worse. Preventing serious damage is far less expensive than having to repair damage after it occurs.

Homeowners concerned about existing foundation problems or looking for ways to prevent future damage are encouraged to look at more info before making any changes or plans. Foundation experts are available to answer questions and conduct inspections to determine what, if any, actions are needed to protect a home foundation. To get started, contact the experts today.

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