Flat Roof Repairs by Companies Specializing in Commercial Roofing in Albany, OR

After violent thunderstorms involving hail or high winds, residential roofs are not the only ones that may need extensive repairs. Commercial buildings often receive damage during storms even if the damage to local private homes is minimal, because of their elevation. If you suspect damage to your building, a company that specializes in commercial roofing in Albany, OR should inspect it for damage and give you an estimate for the cost of repairs.

Flat Roof Repairs

Most commercial buildings have flat roofs covered in bitumen. Age, heavy rain, hail, and high winds can cause damage to these styles of roofing, and could also eventually lead to leaks. After a storm, it is important to have the roof inspected for damage by a licensed commercial roofing contractor.

Standing Water

A common problem with flat roofs is standing water after a storm. Although standing water isn’t uncommon, it can become an issue if it doesn’t evaporate within 72 hours. If the water doesn’t drain off or dry up within three days, it could cause the membrane of the roof to deteriorate and eventually lead to leaks. Standing water can also help identify sagging sections of the roof.

Rusted Flashings

Since they are always exposed to the elements, steel flashings will rust over time. As rust cannot be repaired, the flashings need to be replaced to prevent further roof damage. In addition, flashings need to be properly sealed when replaced to prevent water from getting under them and into the roof area.

It is important to have a licensed commercial roofing contractor check the damage of the roof on your building. After strong storms, there are fly by night roofing companies that will go into the area to offer repairs. Many of them are unlicensed and unqualified to do roof repairs, so ask to see a license from companies claiming to do roof repairs. You always want a professional handling your maintenance.

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