Environmental Advantages of MDF Raised Panel Doors From Concord, Ontario

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Doors and Windows

Medium-density fiberboard, commonly called MDF, is considered a particularly environmentally friendly material for doors, cabinetry, and other building features. Its main component is wood fiber leftover from lumber production. This fiber is provided in the form of very small chips and sawdust. MDF raised panel doors can be constructed from a single piece of wood, which has distinct advantages in regard to painting.


In addition to wood fiber, the material also includes wood pulp waste, and it may contain recycled paper. Being constructed of waste and recycled material means there is no need to fell trees to build MDF products. Particleboard also is made of wood chips, but it contains a far greater amount of resin binders.

Single-Piece Doors

Without any joints or connecting pieces of wood, the paint on single-piece MDF Raised Panel Doors does not crack due to expansion and contraction during significant temperature changes. The surface is entirely smooth, making a sleek paint job easier. That’s important for homeowners who want to buy a sanded door and do their own finish work.


Even after the doors are sealed with paint, they should not be used in outdoor applications. Any kind of wood door will begin to deteriorate if the paint starts to wear away, but this type of product is too vulnerable to moisture. It can be used in an indoor high-humidity area, however, as long as it is completely painted.

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