Don’t Let a Kitchen Oil Spill Disrupt Your Chicago Restaurant

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Cleaning Service

Chicago is known as a destination for foodies worldwide. From world-famous Chicago-style pizza to upscale, contemporary American cuisine, the Windy City’s cutting-edge eateries have a lot to offer.

However, behind the scenes in the kitchen, accidents sometimes happen. The fact is, cooking oil accidents are a major cause of slips and burns in restaurant kitchens around the world.

The need for cooking oil cleanup in Chicago is one of the restaurant industry’s dirty little secrets. While gracious servers meticulously attend to diners, cooks in the kitchen are at serious risk. A careless move at the deep fryer can cause a catastrophic injury.

Fortunately, restaurant workers in Chicago have a low incidence of serious injury. But that doesn’t make cooking oil cleanup in Chicago any less important.

Generally, the kitchen staff cleans up any oil spills as they happen. A small oil spill can be blotted with a towel. Following that, sprinkling a generous amount of baking soda, corn starch or salt will absorb the rest.

However, when a large amount of cooking oil spills onto the floor, it requires professional attention. Even a spilled, one-gallon jug of olive oil will need the services of an emergency cooking oil cleanup crew.

The restaurant scene in Chicago is second to none, and diners expect a truly exceptional experience. While your diners relax and enjoy a great meal, a professional crew can be quietly cleaning up any serious oil spill.

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