Decor Ideas for a Whimsical Garden

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Furniture

Growing up, visiting my granny was the most magical time for me. At my granny’s house, she had cultivated a large English garden in the middle of New Jersey, complete with ivy-covered gates and adorned with hidden trinkets. Running free through the garden, I felt like part of a book. I made up scenarios where the garden had secrets for me to uncover. The pink roses smiled at me as I pushed open squeaky gates and hopped from stone to stone.

My granny moved into a retirement community a few years ago, and much to my dismay, I had to say goodbye to the garden forever. However, I still carry those memories with me, and I look back at them with such fondness. Now, as I grow older, the desire to have a large garden of my own grows stronger with each passing day.

Gardens can become beautiful sanctuaries and an escape from the world around us. In the stressful adult world, having a place out in nature to escape to where you can work with your hands is a stress reliever. Spending time out in nature is quite literally a breath of fresh air.

So, what can you add to your garden to make it more personalized? Building up your garden will probably take some time, but you can gain some insight into what you would like your garden to look like before you start.

Wishing wells

A wooden wishing well can be a unique centerpiece to your garden. Wishing wells are whimsical and can add abundant charm to your outdoor space. In addition, wooden wishing wells are sturdy and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them a worthwhile investment.

Beaver Dam Woodworks in Honey Brook, PA, is an Amish family-owned and operated business. Specializing in creating outdoor structures, Beaver Dam Woodworks has a large selection of wishing wells in various sizes, colors, and materials. So if you are looking for your perfect wishing well, look no further than Beaver Dam Woodworks.


Consider adding a gate or two to give more of a secret garden feel. Gates can be covered in creeping ivy and offer your outdoor space a sense of privacy.

Stepping stones

Stepping stones are a subtle but enchanting addition to any large garden. You can even center the rest of your space around the stepping stones! Think about planting in between them, on either side of them, and what sort of journey you want them to lead you on.


A fun option for gardeners, figurines are minor details that add copious charm even in the darkest of corners. There are many different types of gnomes, personalized stones, statues, and whirligigs you can strategically place outdoors to add character to your garden.


Arches can either be found in a store or built at home using wood. Arches are excellent structures for creeping vines, hanging branches, and privacy.


After all that gardening, you don’t want to just sit in the dirt! Benches will be vital to your garden, giving you a place to rest, relax, and soak in the beauty around you.


Finally, to light up your garden at night, consider adding lanterns or some other light source, such as fairy lights. This way, you don’t just have to enjoy your garden during the daytime. In the summer, your garden can become an outdoor hangout sanctuary for you, your friends, and your family.

Creating my garden hideaway once I move into my forever home is something I can’t wait for. I look forward to putting my hands to work and igniting that childlike imagination once more. It has been years since I have bounded from stepping stone to stepping stone, and I await that day with eager anticipation.

There are so many ways to get creative in the outdoors. Use your imagination, and bring out your inner child to create the garden of your dreams. Visit Beaver Dam Woodworks to browse their wishing wells for sale to get the ball rolling. Get your inspiration, and get to work.

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