Basic Tips to Hire a Painting Contractor

While some improvements to the home can be performed by the homeowner, there are some projects that are best left to the professionals. One such project is painting, which may be more difficult than it seems. However, making the decision to hire a painting contractor is only the first step.

Mountain Skyline Painting is a local painting company in Denver. While we focus primarily on interior & exterior painting, we also perform quality work on other projects, such as cabinet painting and residential repainting.

What Painting Contractors Do

You can hire a painting contractor to perform any kind of interior & exterior painting job, from simple window trip to completely repainting your entire house. For now, let us focus on what to expect with an interior painting project.

The contractor will begin by covering all areas that are not being painted, such as windows, floors, and counters. The next step is to perform surface preparation like sanding, scraping away old paint, replacing missing nails or screws, and cleaning woodwork. Prior to hiring a painting contractor, you want to ensure your home is primarily ready-to-paint.

Any obstacles that may be in the way of the painting project will be removed. This includes light fixtures, doors, and electrical plates. It is important to note that it is not the responsibility of the painter to move furniture to access project areas. Therefore, this should be done beforehand by the homeowner.

Once the painting begins, the walls will be primed and painted. Then, the ceiling will be painted, and finally, the molding and trim. Any missed areas will be touched up before the work is complete. You should also expect that any cleanup of accidents will also be done at this time.

Now, you are ready to do a final evaluation of the work done. When you are satisfied a quality job has been done, you are clear to settle any payment arrangements and enjoy your updated home. Follow us on Twitter for more information!

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