Strengthen Your Defenses with a Durable Fence in Little Rock

The world of chain link fences in Little Rock, AR can be difficult to navigate. If you need some guidance, here are a few fences you should have on your radar.

Galvanized Fences

A galvanized fence has a galvanized coating that provides great protection against the elements. Many people prefer this type of fence because it’s available in different gauges that range from 9 to 11. The gauges are used to measure a galvanized fence’s strength and thickness.


Thanks to minor tweaks, a vinyl-coated chain link fence is a better version of a traditional galvanized chain link fence. Its selling point is its safer design. A traditional galvanized chain link has sharp edges that can injure children and pets. However, a vinyl-coated fence does not.


An aluminum chain link is highly durable. With proper maintenance, it will stay in good condition for at least 25 years.

From a performance standpoint, nothing beats an aluminum fence. It works well in residential settings and commercial environments.

Key Considerations

Although chain link fences are strong, they are not indestructible. As a result, it’s important to have a good fence repair company in Little Rock, AR on standby. In addition to chain link fences, a team from a fence repair company in Little Rock, AR can fix wood fences and more.

The Path to a Chain Link Fence in Little Rock, AR

If you’re looking for a company that installs chain link fences on residential properties, turn to BS Fence and Repair today.

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