Accordion Doors Made to Fit Your Funeral Home’s Dimensions in Portland, OR

Having a large open space in a funeral home is not uncommon. When these places of business are constructed, they are often made to hold large gatherings of mourning family members and friends. However, every death is different, as you may have noticed in this line of work. That said, you may find that too much space for grieving is just too much. Consider accordion doors interior division of space. Using accordion doors for interiors of funeral homes is quite common, and it helps you accomplish two things.

Create Exactly the Amount of Space You Need for a Wake

One wake might have only ten attendees. Another wake might have a hundred. You just never know until you meet with the deceased’s next of kin. Having the accordion dividers allows you to take the space you have in your funeral home and divide it up to suit the needs of each wake and the expected number of attendees, thereby efficiently using the space.

Hold More Than One Wake at a Time

If you only have one large open room for wakes in your funeral home, accordion doors and dividers can allow you to divide the space and hold more than one wake at a time. There are also custom accordion doors with built-in doors, in case you have two very small wakes and one larger wake occurring at the exact same time. This is most helpful for both your consumers and for your business.

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