Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Montgomery County MD Are Used to Remove Mold and Mildew

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Home Improvement

If you have a problem with mold, you should not try to get rid of the problem by yourself. Instead, contact a service provider that has the equipment and formulations required to get rid of the mold for you. By taking this approach, you will permanently remove the growth.

Getting Rid of Mold Commercially

Often times, commercial pressure washing services in Montgomery County MD support the removal of mold from concrete surfaces. Typically, a sanitizer and cleaner is used with the pressure washer equipment. A non-toxic sanitizer will kill more mold than a more potent and chemically hazardous biocide. Not only does the sanitizer annihilate the mold, it also prevents further growth. You cannot experience these results if you use a cleaner, such as bleach.

An Odorless Sanitizer Is the Best Choice

Make sure the sanitizer you use with commercial pressure washing services is an odorless solvent. That way, the smell of the solution will not affect your business operations.

While you can use a cleaning agent with commercial pressure washing services, it does not provide the same results as a sanitizer. A cleaner merely lifts the dirt from a surface, making the mold easier to remove. However, a cleaner will not kill the mold permanently.

Using a Biocide

Sometimes, a biocide is suggested for use in killing mold. However, this type of agent is not totally effective. A biocide will kill viruses, mold, or bacteria, but is not made for cleaning. Although the substance gets rid of mold, the mold will still remain. When a sanitizer is used, it kills bacteria or mold without endangering the health of people who live or work in the space. It also removes the mold from the surface area.

Who to Call in Montgomery County

During remediation, you need to make sure the chemical that is used is safe and that it permanently removes the mold. To review your options in this respect, contact a company such as Affordable Soft Wash Solutions.

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