Why Call A Company Offering Drywall Services For Repairs?

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Painting

A home’s interior walls are not typically built to withstand the kind of beating external walls are known to face. Typically, water damage and the effects of inclement weather are localized to the external environment, so most homeowners don’t give this fact a second thought. When water does manage to get inside the home or minor accidents occur, it can easily cause substantial damage to the drywall. Luckily, deep gashes, punctures, water damage, and even fairly substantial holes, can all be addressed by calling a professional offering Drywall Services.

The repairs necessary will depend largely on the type of damage and its severity. Water-damaged sections of drywall often need to be removed and replaced. Removal of the damaged pieces can be accomplished by cutting through the drywall using a specialty saw, preventing the need to replace the entire sheet. Once the damaged section is removed, the remaining hole must be patched. In order to permanently affix the drywall patch, a contractor will have to add wood strapping to the damaged piece to act as support. The patch can then be mounted using screws and sealed to finish.

This may sound simple enough, but most homeowners don’t have drywall saws and other necessary tools just lying around the house. Unless they are also professional contractors, they often don’t have the necessary expertise either. This may not be important if the offending area is, say, in a closet. If a piece of drywall that is easily visible to inhabitants and guests of the home must be repaired, it’s best to trust someone with experience. A professional contractor who specializes in Drywall Services will be able to restore the wall to its former beauty, while a home handyman will typically succeed only in fixing the problem by creating a new one. Poorly installed drywall patches are often easily visible beneath the interior paint.

Once the repairs have been made, the patch will have to be painted to seamlessly match the rest of the wall. Calling a company like Greg Anderson Painting that provides both drywall repairs and interior painting services offers homeowners the best results.

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