When to Replace Insulation in Hilliard, Ohio

Maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures year round can be a challenge. The efficiency of any heating and cooling system depends on a variety of hidden factors, such as how well-insulated the home is. Many homeowners don’t give much, if any, thought to Insulation in Hilliard Ohio. They assume that if it’s there at all, that’s good enough. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t always the truth.

Older homes generally used fiberglass insulation. This system is effective at keeping homes warm when it is first installed, but it flattens out over time and offers less protection as it ages. This can lead to much higher heating and cooling costs during the coldest and hottest months of the year. If a home still has fiberglass insulation, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Modern methods are much more efficient.

High energy bills aren’t the only likely result of insufficient insulation. Attics and crawlspaces across the country experience humidity problems and mold growth when their old insulation begins to fail. Walls and windows don’t have to be dripping with excess moisture to foster mold growth. Inadequately insulated attics often provide a perfect damp, dark environment for the proliferation of mold and mildew. Any signs of mold should be addressed immediately. Once the mold is gone, it’s time to seriously consider installing new Insulation in Hilliard Ohio as a preventative measure against further fungal growth.

Unavoidable compression over time is only one disadvantage of fiberglass insulation. Another is that it can attract rodents, who are not averse to using the scratchy insulation fibers for their nests or burrowing through it to create safe pathways through a home. The subsequent holes that form in the insulation make it all but useless, and homeowners face the serious problem of getting rid of unwanted rodent visitors in addition to increased utility costs. When rodents enter the home and take up residence in the insulation, it’s important to seal off any possible entrance points and to replace the old fiberglass insulation with something less rodent friendly.

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