When Should You Have a Roof Cleaning in North Fort Myers?

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Roofing Contractor

For most people, roof cleaning is not a high priority. While you may be able to see your roof from the curb, it is still often forgotten by homeowners as they focus on cleaning and repairs in other parts of the home.

Unfortunately, a dirty or damaged roof can lead to much bigger problems. You might wait to call your local roof cleaner when you notice damage or missing shingles, but did you knowother signs indicate a cleaning might be due?

Here are three things to check your roof for:

Moss or Algae Growth

Depending on where your home is, you might experience either algae or mold growth on your roof, or both. Both mold and algae are living organisms, which grow and spread over time. They can also damage the surfaces they grow on – and that is especially true of roofing.

What does mold or algae growth look like? You might not recognize the appearance of these growths, especially if your roof’s color or texture blends with them. However, a careful examination of your roof can reveal dark or green patches and rough or bumpy growths developing. These should be addressed promptly, because their growth can lift tiles or shingles, exacerbate cracks, and damage roofs until they need replacement or even repair.

Stains or Streaks

Discoloration is not only caused by mold or algae growth. There are many other reasons your roof might become discolored – and many of these can cause long-term damage if not cleaned. These stains or uneven colors can also indicate a buildup of pollution, rust, or even rotting shingles. All these issues can be addressed with roof cleaning in North Fort Myers if caught early, so do not wait if you notice discoloration!

Dirt or Debris Accumulation

Weather concerns and other environmental factors can quickly lead to debris buildup on your roof. While this might not seem like a major concern, this can become a haven for mold or algae growth, or even lead to your roof rotting. Getting regular roof cleaning in North Fort Myers is essential to prevent these things from happening and keep your roof both beautiful and structurally sound. For more details, visit Florida Clean Roof.

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