Using Glass Repair in Greenwood IN

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Glass & Window Repair

When someone has a window pane crack, they will most likely want to have it repaired quickly. Leaving a cracked pane in a window frame could cause injury if it were to shatter due to impact. To avoid this situation, call a service that does glass repair in Greenwood IN right away to handle the problem effectively.

A glass repair specialist will come to the home to make the repair, or they will remove the pane and place a temporary one in its place so they can do the repair work in their shop. Usually, a smaller crack can be repaired with the use of resin. This is pushed into the crack using an apparatus with a flange attached. The resin is poured into the crack, filling it as a result. If the crack is larger, the service will most likely recommend that it is replaced.

The glass specialist will knock the cracked pane of glass from the frame. They will then clean the frame in its entirety, so there are no slivers left behind. After crevice is cleaned with a mild detergent, it will be dried. It will then be ready for a new pane of glass to be installed.

Glass is placed inside a window frame with a glass putty. This will adhere to the glass and the frame, locking the pane into place. The putty will then need time to harden in place. When it hardens, the glass will not move from its location. Any excess putty will be cut away from the glass, leaving behind a new window to enjoy. The frame can then be repainted to cover any blemishes that may be present. The portion of the putty located on the frame can be covered, hiding it from view as a result.

If someone wishes to find out if their cracked window can be fixed, they can call a service that handles Glass Repair in Greenwood IN. Click here to find out more about the process. An evaluation of the window can be scheduled to determine whether it can be a repair job or if it will need replacing.

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