Using A Residential Roofing Specialist Plymouth MA To Find A Leak

by | May 7, 2019 | Roofing Contractor

When a leak is prevalent inside a home due to damage in the roof area, hiring a Residential Roofing Specialist Plymouth MA is the preferred method in finding the troublesome area. A roof leak can be a bit difficult to find without the proper knowledge in what shingles will appear like when they are damaged. Having a specialist do the job will ensure the problem is eradicated without risk of it returning.

A roofing specialist would come to the home and get up on the rooftop to search for areas where shingles look altered. A shingle with a pinhole or small tear could let in an abundance of water. A professional would remove these suspect shingles and replace them with new ones so the problem goes away.

If there is a buildup of water in the gutter system of the home, the bottom layer of shingles could be altered from an abundance of moisture. This water can push its way up underneath the shingles, leading to leaking inside of the home. This would be seen along interior walls. It is a good idea to remove debris from the gutter system following any storm. Doing this periodically throughout the year will ensure the water in the gutter runs freely toward the downspout instead of being a risk to roofing troubles. Click here for more details.

If the leak is hard to find, the specialist will use a garden hose to find the moisture’s point of entry. This may take some time as they will need to move the hose from area to area to see if water makes its way into the home. When water finally leaks inside, the approximate location of the damaged area will be known. Areas with flashing are often areas where leaking can occur. The specialist would re-caulk any areas where flashing appears loose or rusted.

When a homeowner wishes to have a Residential Roofing Specialist Plymouth MA come to their home to find the source of a leak, a reputable service can be contacted. Giving a call to Waterman Building & Remodeling in Plymouth MA is one way to find a Residential Roofing Specialist to do a professional job.

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