Time for New Garage Doors? 3 Decisions That You Will Need to Make

One look at those aging garage doors is all it takes to convince you that something needs to change. The process of selecting new residential garage doors in Scarsdale, NY, isn’t as difficult as many people think. If you consider these three factors, the rest will fall into place easily.

The Door Materials

You may not be aware of how many different materials are used for garage doors. Along with wood, you can go with stainless steel. There’s also the option of going with aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass. Each of these materials can come with insulation. Talk with an expert and compare the merits of each material. It won’t take long to determine which material would work best for you.

The Door Design

Whatever material you settle on, there will be plenty of door designs to open. You could go with double doors that swing outward, a single large door instead, or opt for an overhead door. Along with the type, you want to look at designs for residential garage doors in Scarsdale, NY, that range from the simple to the ornate. The goal is to identify the design that fits in with the style of the garage and helps the structure to blend in with the rest of the property.

The Right Door Opener

Whatever design and material you choose, consider the merits of installing a door opener. This should be a design that you can operate with remote control. You also want a manual override that allows you to open and close the door if the power’s out. Sellers who offer and install residential garage doors in Scarsdale, NY, will also have openers that will work fine in just about any setting.

Would you like some help selecting your new residential garage doors? The team at Action Lock & Door Company Inc. can help. Call us today and take a look at some of the doors we offer. Together, we can compare different door options and come up with the one that’s perfect for your garage.

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