The Ormond Beach Spray Foam Insulation Service That Gets Results

There’s foam and then there’s spray foam or spray polyurethane foam (SPF), otherwise known as an inclusive insulation material used to make any establishment more energy-efficient.

More specifically, the spray-applied plastic resists heat and reduces undesirable air infiltration. The three primary types of SPF are used for a variety of purposes upon closer inspection. Before shopping for spray foam insulation in Ormond Beach, here are a few things to consider.

Why Choose SPF?

Sustainability and comfort in the home hinges on energy performance. The more energy that escapes through seal cracks and gaps, the more energy is wasted – which means higher bills for less efficiency. Thermal performance presented by the use of SPF inside the home produces energy savings that are difficult to ignore. Add in air sealing and the typical homeowner saves 15% on average. It’s also capable of fortifying a property, improving strength and durability.

Types of SPF

The specialized foam material covers all the bases on construction, renovation, and insulation projects. Density is the key when delivering the right product solution for spray foam insulation in Ormond Beach.

Low Density SPF is open-cell foam. It is called that because it fills wall cavities and unvented spaces like in an attic, in ducts, and in ceilings. It remains soft and flexible as a barrier.

Medium Density SPF is closed-cell foam is popular for continuous insulation and noise reduction similar to the low density category.

High Density SPF is best for exterior insulation.

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