The Many Different Choices for Siding in Normal, IL

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Home Improvement

The facade of your house is the first thing that people see, and the thing that protects your home from the elements. When you are deciding how to cover the outer walls of your house, you have a lot of different choices. In the past, almost all siding was made of vinyl, but there are many different options these days. The different materials all have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Choosing which kind is right for you depends on what you think is important.


Cedar is a very popular choice for siding in Normal, IL. Cedar is popular partially because it is a renewable eco-friendly resource. Cedar is, obviously, made from trees that grow fairly quickly. When properly sourced and ethically harvested, cedar can be renewed and do very little harm to the environment. It is also a very attractive siding. When you first buy cedar, it is a lovely deep wooden color. You can seal it and have it last like that for decades. Alternately, you can allow it to weather and turn gray. The gray color of older cedar siding is actually very popular.


Vinyl is a classic choice for homes because it has been reliable and affordable for decades. Vinyl is not quite as environmentally friendly as cedar. Different kinds of vinyl are made from assorted amounts of non-renewable petroleum or polymers. However, it lasts a very long time when properly maintained, so you don’t actually have to worry about replacing it. Vinyl is a very energy-efficient material; it repels heat and insulates your home well. So, you might consume some fossil fuels when you buy your vinyl siding, but you will save fossil fuels by consuming less electricity for heating and cooling.

There are many different choices for the facade of your home. You should make sure you pick the right material for your needs.

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