The Benefits of Glass Tinting in Greenwood, IN

Glass Tinting in Greenwood IN can be done in commercial and residential homes. It is a convenient product that increases privacy, makes homes more energy efficient and protects the interior of the home. Most tinting can be done quickly, and requires very little special care to keep it maintained properly. The tinting can be added to windows of any size, and will not harm the glass in any way.

Tinted windows still allow light to come through, but the glare is reduced. The tint lowers the amount of heat from the rays of the sun. This helps to reduce cooling bills in the summer, and it also prevents damage to flooring, draperies and furnishings from the UV rays. Despite the fact that the sunlight is reduced in the winter as well, the right tint will not raise heating bills in the winter. Instead, the product reduces heat loss through the glass and makes homes more efficient to heat.

Tinting is also a good safety feature for homes and businesses. The darker windows make it harder to see inside easily and is a deterrent to burglars. They are not able to easily view the possessions, and may not be able to tell whether or not anyone is inside. This is a great privacy feature for businesses as well because it reduces the view the public has of waiting rooms and offices. The film also makes windows shatterproof, so people can be protected from broken glass during storms, or if an accident occurs.

Glass Tinting in Greenwood IN can usually be completed in a day, depending on the number and size of the windows. It will take several days after installation before it becomes clear. Prior to that, the home or business owner should expect the windows to be cloudy as the film dries. It is important to avoid washing the windows during this period of time. It is usually recommended that people wait at least 30 days before they clean their treated windows. Cleaning can be done with a soft cloth, to prevent scratches, and glass cleaner or soap and water. Contact us to learn more about the benefits, cost and care of window tinting.

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