Some Reasons to Shop with an RTA Cabinet Store in Philadelphia

RTA stands for Ready to Assemble, and this tag is usually applied to different household items. It’s most famously used for cabinets, like cabinets you’ll hang in your kitchen or vanities in your bathroom. For many people, RTA is the only way to go. Others, however, aren’t really familiar with these sorts of cabinets. If you live in or around the area, here are a couple of reasons that you should always choose an RTA cabinet store in Philadelphia.

Easier to Assemble

RTA items are just a lot easier to assemble. They come in much bigger packages because some of the pieces are already assembled. All you’ll have to do typically is attach the doors or put the drawers in. So, there is still some assembly required, but it’s not like kits where you have to put every single little piece together. This means that you can get RTA cabinets put together and put up a lot more quickly.

Save You Money

A lot of people would rather purchase fully assembled cabinets and have them shipped, but they might not understand how much more this costs for factory assembly and more complicated shipping. By going with an RTA cabinet store in Philadephia, the initial cost for the cabinets is cheaper, along with the shipping if you need them delivered.

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