Siding in Champaign, IL Is Durable and Energy-Efficient

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Home Improvement

Most homeowners who wish to side their houses want a material that is lightweight, durable, and long-lasting. While aesthetics are a matter of one’s personal preferences, the maintenance required for a particular material can better help you make a choice for a house covering.

Types of Coverings

Usually, homeowners who select siding in Champaign, IL, generally pick from one of four main choices. These choices include materials that are made of vinyl, wood, stone, or a specialty material. Prices can differ based on the home style and market.

Vinyl: Weighing the Pros and Cons

For example, Champaign siding made of vinyl is very-low maintenance. That is because vinyl does not need to be refinished or painted. However, the material is still susceptible to growths such as mildew or algae. As a result, homeowners need to clean vinyl routinely. The material, while strong, is also vulnerable to certain weather extremes such as hail or wind. It can also get dented if struck with stones from a lawn mower.

Using Wood to Side a House

Although wood siding for the home is less likely to get damaged by hail stones or wind, it is prone to damage from moisture, moss, mold, or wood-destroying types of pests. As a result, this type of covering needs more maintenance and upkeep. In addition, the material needs periodic refinishing and painting. Natural wood should also be regularly treated with a preservative to keep it from fading or from becoming damaged from excess moisture.

Stone Installations

Stone-type siding is even more resilient to damage than vinyl or wood. However, the roughly-textured surface of the product makes it harder to maintain or keep clean. Also, you may need to repair the mortar between the joints occasionally.

Specialty Upgrades

Specialty siding material is usually simple to maintain. That is because the material tends to resist environmental factors such as UV rays, fungus, dampness, and infestation. The material is pre-finished too, thereby making it easy to clean and remain damage-proof. However, because of its ruggedness and easy maintenance features, the covering is sold at a premium price.

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