Reasons Why Many Commercial Buildings in Tulsa Have Flat Roofs

As you look around at commercial construction in Tulsa, you may have noticed that many have flat roofs instead of pitched ones. At the outset, you might think that a pitched roof requires less maintenance as it easily sheds water and other precipitation. While this might be true, and while pitched roofs are great in a residential setting, there are a number of compelling benefits for commercial flat roofing in Tulsa, OK.

One of the upfront reasons is that commercial flat roofing in Tulsa, OK is a lot cheaper to install than installing a pitched roof in a commercial setting. Additionally, flat roofs offer additional space for equipment storage. A flat roof is relatively quick to build and install. Flat roofs are ideally suited for the methods and materials used to construct commercial buildings.

When you look at commercial buildings, several systems are required to operate them. Installing so many systems can mean that valuable real estate that could be used for business operations is lost inside the building. This includes HVAC systems and other water-resistant systems that could easily be installed on the roof. The ability to save space is a great selling point to many business owners and managers. Additionally, when HVAC equipment is on the roof, it makes it easier for maintenance staff to access them without impacting the normal flow of business inside the building.

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