Northern Virginia Commercial Roofing Choices

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Home Improvement

If you are in need of brand new Northern Virginia Commercial Roofing, there are many options and different types of roofing to consider. Whether you are looking for a commercial roof for the first time, or a replacement roof for your existing one, here are the different kinds that will last you a lifetime.

Green Roofs Last Forever

Known as the most popular type of roof today, the green roof is flat and is halfway covered with soil and vegetation. It is planted over a membrane that has been waterproofed and they are known to absorb heat and provide incredible insulation to buildings. This roof doubles the lifespan of a typical one. If you are looking for new Northern Virginia Commercial Roofing, this is a good option.

Thermoplastic Is a Durable Roof

Thermoplastic is another solid choice for commercial roofs. They are highly durable, meaning they can last through any type of weather or danger that comes its way. They are known to have a high tolerance to extreme temperatures and have strong resistance toward ozone, chemical and ultraviolet exposure.

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Roofs Conserve Energy

Photovoltaic solar panel roofs are popular options for commercial roofing. They are unique because they are known to lower energy costs which is great for those who are tired of spending a great deal of money on their energy bill. These roofs absorb light from the sun and turn it into energy that is typically used to provide power for the building it is over.

EPDM Roof Provides Versatility

EPDM roofs are known for not only being durable, but also having a great deal of versatility. It lasts a long time and is very simple to install. It is also easy to both repair and maintain this type of roof, especially when compared to other commercial roofs.

If you are looking for a new commercial roof, there are many options available. It can be difficult to decide which one is best for you, so be sure to do enough research before making a decision. Choose the best option and visit Website Domain for more information.

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