Items that Create the Need for Wood Flooring Repair in NYC

Wood floors are chosen because they are tough against household traffic. However, they are still susceptible to damage. These are the types of things that can damage flooring and require the need for repair. Repairs can include replacing pieces of the flooring, sanding the entire floor and then staining it. This process will restore the look of the floors.

Pets are the enemies of many types of flooring including wood. Pets can have accidents on the floor. These accidents can seep into the wood and cause discoloration as well as smells to develop. While accidents that are cleaned up quickly won’t have an opportunity to soak into the flooring, some pets are sneaky and will go in areas that aren’t always readily detected. Pets also can scratch up weak areas in the floor and cause extensive damage. Wood Flooring Repair in NYC should be done as soon as pet damage in uncovered.

Water is another enemy that can attack wood flooring. Natural wear and tear can diminish the protective coating on wood. This can make it more vulnerable to issues like warping or discoloration from normal spillage. Water can also get in through unsealed areas such as under windows and slide glass doors. The water may get in underneath the wood and result in the same issues. This compromised wet wood can also attract insects that can cause further damage to the flooring.

Strong impacts on the wood can cause pitting and gouges in the wood surface. These gouges can destroy the protective coating and spills can accumulate in the pits. Since the pits have already exposed the wood, the damage in these areas can grow significantly as traffic proceeds. While this can make the floor look well-used, the Wood Flooring Repair in NYC can stop any further deterioration that can occur with this type of damage.

Despite their ability to withstand the traffic of the household, there are certain types of issues that can cause damage. In many cases, this damage can be repaired without the need to replace the entire floor. Contact New York Wood Flooring for more information on getting repairs done.

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