How to Use Magnetic Photos Tiles to Add Character to Your Home

You have probably already seen someone with photo tiles in their home. If so, you know how eye-catching the design can be. Therefore, if you are looking for something unique and personal to add into your interior design, seriously consider magnetic photo tiles. See what you can do to get the maximum effect out of your design.

The Collage
As you might guess, one of the best things you can do with photo tiles is to create a collage. With individual tiles, this is incredibly easy to do. You can use individual pictures to create this effect. You can also take one large photo and have it cut into small pieces. Once you line these photos up, you’ll get a mosaic-style effect. Either way, it is a great way to display your photos for everyone to see.

Decorate Your Fridge
Almost everyone has some sort of magnets on their fridge. Instead of using old, plain magnets, add some color with magnetic photo tiles. The great part about it is that the refrigerator gives you a lot of space to play with. This means you can put up as many photo tiles as you like. Furthermore, you can switch out these tiles to change the look.

Putting Together Your Look
With photo tiles, you can come up with any design that your heart desires. Be sure to change up the sizing of the tiles to give it a different look. Finally, be creative and make use of all the magnetic surfaces in your home to spruce it up.

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