Homeowners Need to Recognize the Signs They Need Septic Tank Repair in Old Bridge NJ

The septic tank of a home is one of its most overlooked components. Depending on the type of tank, septic tanks can last up to forty years, or even longer but they need to be pumped every few years to ensure they can work properly. With this information, homeowners will know the signs they need to look for so they will know if they need to call in the professionals for Septic Tank Repair in Milton DE. Prompt repairs can prevent an influx of raw sewage into a home.

These signs should alert homeowners to call for Septic Tank Repair in Milton DE:

  • One of the first things homeowners may notice when their septic tank is having issues is a bad smell. Homeowners may notice sewer smells coming from their backyard or their drains and toilets. It is not normal to smell a sewer smell in the home so if bad odors are occurring; the tank needs to be checked.
  • Slow drains are another sign of septic tank problems. When only one drain is having issues, this may just mean the drain is clogged. If multiple drains and toilets are involved, a homeowner may need to have their septic tank checked. When a tank is working properly, drains should flow effortlessly.
  • Should a homeowner notice, their yard is full of water, even when heavy rains have not occurred, this is a sure sign of septic tank problems and should not be ignored. This likely means the lines are clogged, and the drain field lines are overflowing.
  • When a septic tank becomes overly full, it will send raw sewage backing up into every line in the home. This can create a huge, smelly mess that leads to germ exposure. When this happens, a plumber needs to be called right away.

If your home is experiencing any of these signs of septic tank problems, it is crucial you seek repairs right away. To learn more about septic tank repair, click here. A professional can check your septic tank so any repair issues can be found and taken care of.

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