Getting to Know Industrial Water Treatment Equipment

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Home Improvement

Many industries need water pumped into the workplace on a daily basis for the purpose of industrial applications. The problem is that the use of hard water damages piping in the long term and can cause corrosion, a build-up of harmful bacteria, and blockage of important piping. This is where industrial water treatment equipment enters the picture.

Companies that specialize in the removal of lime scale, corrosion and bacterial build-up due to the use of hard water in industry use equipment that is manufactured just for this purpose. Professionual treatment soltions like this emphasize the following features:

  • A lime scale and descaling solution that requires minimal maintenance and actually saves a company money and time.
  • The latest industrial water treatment technology that does not use harsh chemicals, solvents, salt or water softeners. This means that the treatment is eco-friendly and safe.
  • A solution that is rapid so that core business can be restored quickly.

How Does Industrial Scale Removal Work?

For any business or industrial sector that relies on piped water for its work, scale formation is a key problem. The buildup of scale can have expensive consequences for any business, including a decrease in pipe and plumbing efficiency, the growth of bacteria due to lime scale deposits that form a breeding ground, and pipe corrosion.

Clean water is not just for drinking at home. Even though some industries use piped water for applications that are not for consumable products, some companies, like soft drink manufacturers, rely daily on piped water for production purposes. If they are using water that is being pumped through corroded pipes and bacteria-infested lime scale deposits, can you imagine the potential impact on commercial establishments that stock their products, and on the end customer and consumer? Obviously, effective industrial water treatment equipment is the key to countering these problems.

Many companies and businesses use traditional lime scale removers that are inefficient at total lime scale removal, and so costs and headaches increase. The latest industrial water treatment equipment is manufactured to be maintenance free, and does not use salt or harsh chemicals as a method of removing lime scale. Consider the following features and advantages:

  • This method of hard water softening and lime scale removal prevents the accumulation of scale and scale deposits over a longer period of time. This also prevents the formation of deposits where bacteria can grow.
  • The fact that the equipment does not use harsh chemicals or salt makes it environmentally friendly and safe around personnel and employees. The side benefit is that hazardous chemicals don’t need to be kept in storage for the descaling procedure.
  • The water is made more alkaline during the process of descaling, so further corrosion and lime scale formation is prevented.
  • Equipment and piping is preserved for longer, and replacement costs are therefore lower.

Blasting the Scale Out of Industrial Equipment

Though water can cause endless headaches in industry as it corrodes pipes and machines and causes lime scale buildup, there are safe alternatives that will eliminate scale buildup and save money.

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