Floor Plans: Points To Ponder When Considering Designs For New Homes

by | Jan 4, 2017 | Home Builders

The prospect of building a brand new home is exciting, but it also calls for a lot of thought. What elements need to be included in the design, and how should the rooms be arranged? By working with a professional who has a great deal of expertise in the building of New Homes, it’s possible to come up with a plan that’s ideal for now and will still work in the years to come. Here are a few essentials to consider.

The Number of Bedrooms

How many bedrooms would it take to accommodate the current family members? Is there a chance that the family will expand over the next decade or so? Should loved ones come to spend the weekend, where would they sleep? Answers to these questions will make it easier to determine how many bedrooms to include in the overall design.

The Arrangement of Those Bedrooms

After settling on the number of bedrooms, where will they be placed in the home design? Perhaps a master suite that is at one end of the home would be nice for the parents, while the kids will enjoy having their rooms at the other end of the home. The guest room could be located somewhere in between, perhaps just before the common rooms but closer to the master suite.

Bathrooms Matter Too

The placement and number of bathrooms is also important. Having a private bath as part of the master suite is ideal for parents who need to get up and get ready for work at the same time. At the other end of the home, a bathroom for the kids to share allows them to get ready for school while the parents are dressing for work.

Remember that a third bathroom that is easily accessed from the common rooms is also a good idea. Visitors can use that space when the need arises. This is true whether they are present for a dinner party or happen to be staying for a couple of days.

There’s plenty more to consider when it comes to layouts for New Homes. Arrange to meet with a professional from Lancia Homes and discuss the pros and cons of different designs. It won’t take long to come up with a plan, schedule a start date, and look forward to moving into a home that no one has ever occupied. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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