Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City, UT Are Making a Comeback

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Fireplaces

It used to be the case that homeowners who wanted to install fireplaces in their homes had few options other than traditional designs that had been around for centuries. Over the past several generations, though, most households have been moving away from using fireplaces as a primary source of heat and have instead been considering them as decorative design elements. Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City UT exemplify this trend.

Historic Hearths

In the past, hearths used to serve primarily a functional purpose. They protected any flammable materials near the fireplace from damage, which was an admirable job, but they certainly didn’t always look pretty while doing so. The advent of modern direct-vent gas fireplaces has more or less made hearths functionally obsolete. However, that doesn’t mean designers can’t still include them as an ornamental luxury with their existing fireplaces.

Beyond Function

Contemporary designers often use Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City UT to add an element of visual appeal to their clients’ homes. These hearths can be placed above the ground in front of the fireplace to create a sense of lightness and unique visual interest. Plus, installing hearths as decorative rather than functional features allows designers far more leeway when it comes to materials, placement, and overall design, making contemporary floating hearths far more versatile than their more functional predecessors.

Incredible Convenience

Fireplaces that feature floating hearths are usually gas-fueled rather than wood-burning. This is far more convenient for homeowners who wish to enjoy the benefits of a warm, comfortable fire without all the hassle of cleaning and maintaining wood-burning fireplaces. What better way is there to complement this type of historically rooted modern convenience than to install a floating hearth that references the gas fireplace’s historical ancestors, but with a bit of a modern flare?

Design Versatility

Homeowners interested in installing floating hearths in front of their fireplaces will find there are a lot of decisions to be made regarding everything from placement to materials to style, overall design, and more. The best way for them to ensure the finished product they order will meet their expectations is to work with professional designers like those at Stone Mountain Castings & Design to create a custom hearth that perfectly complements the rest of the room. Follow us on Twitter.

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