Enjoy the Beauty of Contemporary Renovations in Your London Kitchen

by | Apr 16, 2024 | Kitchen Renovation Company

You have so many options to choose from if you’re in the fortunate position to consider a renovation of your London kitchen. It doesn’t matter whether the kitchen is galley style, U-shaped, L-shaped, dominated by an island or laid out entirely against one wall. The room can be earth-toned, shades of white or full of bold, primary colors. Bespoke contemporary kitchens are not only beautiful but are the heart of the home where family and friends gather for good, memorable meals and companionship. Here are some aspects of contemporary kitchens in London to consider.

Stoves, Ovens and Cooktops

The modern stoves, ovens and cooktops in contemporary kitchens in London are not just useful but contribute to the beauty of the kitchen. They can be stand-alone ranges whose very burners are good-looking, whether they are made for gas or electricity. Ovens can also be mounted in the kitchen wall, and cooktops can be placed just about anywhere, including peninsulas and islands.


The islands in bespoke contemporary kitchens aren’t the featureless cubes plunked down in the middle of the room. Modern islands have attractive storage space, electrical outlets for small appliances and sinks made of modern materials served by contemporary-style faucets. Their tops are made of sumptuous materials such as slate, marble, quartzite or granite. Modern islands are aesthetically pleasing in and of themselves.

Contemporary kitchens in London are no longer just areas to cook, clean and eat but real showcases in the home. Let us help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Get in touch with our professionals at Sheraton Interiors.

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