Designing Your Backyard for Entertaining

by | Apr 13, 2022 | Home Improvement

After a long winter, spring is finally here! The sun is out longer, the weather is heating up, and it is a perfect time to start entertaining outdoors. Your guests will make memories at backyard bonfires, endlessly brag about the beautiful tea party you held on your deck, and your kids will never forget their sunshine-filled backyard birthday party. The trouble is, maybe your backyard currently isn’t an ideal entertaining space.

Nothing kills a party quite like an unlandscaped, unfinished, messy backyard. But, if you dream of backyard entertainment, you need no longer feel ashamed of your yard. Instead, here are a few tips for elevating your backyard space specifically with entertainment purposes in mind.

Invest in a new deck

I think we all have fallen victim to a soggy, splintering deck at some point in life. You know, the one you have to tiptoe across in a vain attempt to avoid a splinter. If this deck currently resides in your yard, it is time for a change. For entertainment purposes specifically, you do not want your guests to be positively afraid to step foot on your deck.

Consider investing in composite decking for your home improvement. Composite decking is the perfect choice of flooring because it never splinters. Composite is a combination of plastic and wood pulp, meaning your new deck would be safe from fading, stains, and deterioration. But don’t want to give up the wood look? Composite decking is manufactured to look like wood while also being available in various colors. This is the ideal flooring for any deck but also any entertainment space.

13TEN Renovations, deck builders in Richmond, VA, and Glen Allen, VA, specialize in building beautiful, cost-effective, maintenance-free, and party-worthy decks. Known for taking care of their customers every step of the way, 13TEN Renovations has a combined 28 years of experience in the outdoor renovation industry and is a perfect fit for anyone looking to build a new deck. Check out their website to get started.

Water features

Pools, fountains, ponds, you name it! Water features are a great way to add tranquility or extra fun to your outdoor living space. Small water features can often be designed and built by the DIY-loving homeowner. Or, you can invest in a pool to host pool parties and keep cool during hot summer days.

Jaw-dropping landscaping

Keeping a well-groomed yard could be the only investment you need to make! A lush green yard is a perfect space for backyard camping or an outdoor movie night under the stars. Plant an abundance of colorful flowers and large trees to provide shade, and you have a spectacular, natural entertainment space.

Something fun

To bring out your inner child, or maybe appeal to your children, add some fun backyard features. Tire swings or bed swings will keep small children and adults occupied for hours at a time. Hang twinkle lights from the trees to light up your yard at night and give it a magical feel. A simple pergola can be added along with climbing vines and flowers to make a unique statement piece.

Whatever your budget, whatever idea speaks to you, you have the power and creativity to turn your backyard into an entertaining masterpiece. If you are in the Richmond area and are interested in a new deck, head to 13TEN Renovations to get started. Your outdoor dream space is within reach- and just a click away!

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