Converting a Window to a Door With Window Installers in Edmond, OK

Door and Window Installers in Edmond OK, can convert a window into a doorway if a homeowner wants to gain another entry and exit point for the house. Building codes throughout the country require houses to have two points of egress or, in other words, two ways of easily getting out. That code is in place for safety reasons. Not every house has two doors, however, so the second egress point might be a big window. In addition, some houses with two doors could use a third one to make life more convenient for the residents.

Converting a window to a door generally is easier than adding a door to a wall because load-bearing capacity has already been accounted for. The carpenter removes the window and the building materials underneath it, which produces the roughed-out space for the doorway. In some instances, the space may need to be widened. The entire job can usually be completed relatively quickly, especially if an experienced door and window installation technician do the work.

Window Installers in Edmond OK, can provide suggestions for the conversion or follow instructions from the homeowners. It might be possible to convert a big bow window to a patio door, for example. That brings in even more natural light and air and makes it easy for people in the house to step out onto a patio or deck. Perhaps the house didn’t originally have one of those outdoor features, but new homeowners decided to have one constructed.

Another possibility might involve adding a back door to a long one-story house that has a door in front and one in the room across from the front door, but none toward the rear part of the house. A third example of a window-to-door conversion will involve turning a window in a sun room or family room to a door if the homeowner likes the idea of being able to enter the house there from the yard.

A contractor such as Windsor Door, Siding and Window Co. can do this type of work and help homeowners become more satisfied with their abode. Browse our website for more information and contact details.


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