Common Reasons to Seek Out Mirror Repair in Chino Hills, CA

Mirrors serve a diverse array of practical and aesthetic purposes in just about every home. However, they won’t last forever; chances are, eventually they will wind up becoming damaged over time. Read on to find out about a few common examples of mirror damage and some help deciding whether or not it’s worth looking into professional Mirror Repair in Chino Hills CA to have them fixed.

Noticeable Scratches

Scratches can occur due to anything from improper handling during a move to the use of harsh cleaning products that damage the glass. While it’s possible for residents to fix minor scratches themselves using a small amount of white toothpaste and a soft cloth, larger scratches always require the help of a professional if they are to be repaired properly. Even large scratches can be professionally removed using specialized drills, jewelry polishing substances, and cloth.

Serious Cracks

Cracks can also be an unfortunate result of mishandling, though they can also happen due to sudden fluctuations in temperature or even strong vibrations caused by earthquakes and other issues. While there are commercially available kits that allow consumers to fix their cracks, these can be extremely difficult to use and can wind up causing more harm than good. It’s usually smarter to take the mirror to a professional who can evaluate whether or not the mirror’s silver backing has been damaged and can perform repairs or glass replacements accordingly.

Black Spots

Antique mirrors are especially prone to developing black spots, though any mirror can wind up showing signs of this serious problem if it is exposed to excessive moisture or harsh cleaning chemicals. Most of the time, these black spots can only be removed by re-silvering the mirror using chemicals that strip it of its backing so that it can be replaced with a new one that is free of imperfections. This process is quite time-consuming and requires professional expertise, so it’s best to call an expert for Mirror Repair in Chino Hills CA to remove those black spots.

Get Help Today

Many glass companies offer mirror repair and replacement services as well, which makes it easy for consumers to find the help they need. Visit Villalobos Glass Co online to get started today.

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