Benefits Of Installing A Keyless Entry System

by | May 30, 2017 | Locksmith

One of the most important things to homeowners is security. In order to keep uninvited guests and intruders out of the door would need to be locked. For years, people needed a key to gain access to a home. Today, more and more homeowners are having a keyless entry system installed. There are several benefits installing a keyless system rather than a traditional lock.

No Need to Dig For the Keys

When a person gets home, they often fumble around trying to find their keys. At night or on a very cold day, this can be a hassle. If the homeowner installs a keyless system, they wouldn’t need to fumble around for their keys. They would just need to punch in a passcode.

No Need For a Hide-A-Key

Many homeowners keep a spare key outside their home. Some put it under a mat or a pot and others buy a special rock that is designed for a hide-a-key. When burglars are trying to gain access to a home, the first thing that they do is look for a hidden key. If the homeowner has a keyless system installed, they won’t need to hide a key at all. They would just need to remember their passcode.

No Need to Make Copies of a Key

When a homeowner has a traditional lock installed, they would need to make copies of the key. Everyone who lives in the home would need a key. If someone loses their key, the locks would need to be changed. If the homeowner has hired people to come into the home to perform various duties, they would need to give these people keys. If they have a housekeeper, a dog walker, or anyone else who will be working in the home when the homeowner is out. If these people are fired or if they quit and they don’t return the key, the homeowner would need to change the locks. If the homeowner installs a keyless system, they would only need to change the passcode.

Detailed Entry Information

When the keyless system is in place, the homeowner will get a detailed record of how and when people gain access to the home. They will also know if employees or children are arriving at the home on time.

There are several benefits of a keyless entry system. For more information, contact Able Lock Shop. You can also connect them on Twitter.

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