An Enameled Cast Iron Skillet for Cooking Mediterranean Diet Meals

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Kitchen Improvements

With shelter-in-place orders in many parts of the country in the spring of 2020, many men and women decided it was time to start doing some old-fashioned home cooking. Some wanted to begin a healthier menu plan, such as the Mediterranean diet. To add to the inspiration, they might have shopped for a high-quality enameled cast iron skillet suitable for these tasty meals.

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

A large percentage of nutritional experts and healthcare providers advocate for the Mediterranean diet. It has heart-healthy benefits and is known for helping prevent chronic and serious diseases. This eating plan is also connected with greater longevity. The healthy longevity factor has been of particular interest to an organization studying the habits of people living in areas now called the Blue Zones.

Foods to Cook in the Skillet

An enameled cast-iron skillet is ideal for cooking stir-fry meals and for making sauteed foods. Mediterranean menus focus a great deal on vegetables and only limited amounts of meat. People are encouraged to eat some vegetarian dinners throughout the week that they can cook in the skillet. When they really want to add meat, fish is best. Small amounts of chicken and lean red meat can be added occasionally.

Pan-roasted fish of various kinds is also a delicious option. For the best heart-healthy benefits, oily fish like salmon, fresh tuna and mackerel are most suitable.

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