5 Signs You Need Mold Remediation

Is there mold in your home? If you’re decluttering and organizing your home, you might find some mold growth in several spots. Mold buildup could compromise the health of your household. You’ll need to call pros to help you deal with the problem. Here are some of the other signs you should make that appointment today.

Musty Odors

If something smells musty or like a mildew anywhere in your home that could be because you have mold. Don’t let the problem get worse. Hire pros for mold remediation in Indianapolis, IN, to determine where it’s coming from and fix the problem.

Water Leaks

Mold is the result of moisture and humidity. If you have leaking toilets, ceilings, and pipes, they could all be the reason why you have mold in your home. Sometimes, the leak might be behind the drywall. Hire a pro to figure out the source of the leak and fix it before it deals even more extensive damage to the structural integrity of your house.

Humidity and Condensation

Moisture and mold go hand in hand. If there’s excess moisture in your home, that’s going to lead to condensation. Inspect your pipes. Are they rusty? That could indicate excess moisture in some parts of the piping system where mold can breed. Call a pro to check out your pipes and nip problems in the bud.

Ventilation Issues

If there’s not enough ventilation in your rooms, that means the moisture won’t dissipate quickly enough. That creates a mold-friendly environment. Does your bathroom have no windows or exhaust fan? What about your basement and kitchen? Putting a fan in that space can help circulate air, preventing mold growth.

Health Symptoms

Watery eyes, runny noses and headaches as well as a shortened attention span, memory loss, and dizziness are all symptoms that could be caused by mold. Talk to mold expert for help on how to get rid of mold in your home.

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