5 Red Flags When You Hire a Roofing Team

Not all contractors are the same. If you encounter any of the following signs, then it’s best to fire your contractor and move on to a new one.

Too high deposit

Companies that ask for too high deposits are dodgy and may be scamming you. Reputable companies like Heins Contracting for Residential Roofing won’t ask you to shell out money for a high deposit, much less the total cost of the project upfront.

Too many extras

In the course of repairs, it’s normal for additional work to come up. Maybe, your roof needs a few repairs or upgrades. That’s often expected. But if there’s too much extra work, your contractor may be taking you for a ride. That could be a sign that you’re being duped. Avoid falling for that trap by finding a reputable firm for Residential Roofing in Verona WI, one with an excellent reputation in the field.

Lack of licensing

When you hire a Roofing firm, pick one with licensed and insured contractors. Don’t be tempted into hiring an unlicensed firm, no matter how accommodating they may appear to be. Hiring them could put you, your family and your assets at risk. If the contractor can’t show you that the business is properly documented, then it’s time move on to other options, the Porch says.

Too many absences

One thing people won’t tell you when you hire a Roofing Company is that it’s pretty inconvenient having people underfoot in your home. But if they keep disappearing, have too many absences or no-shows, don’t waste your time with them any further. Show them the door.

Doesn’t follow guidelines

When you work with contractors, one of the first things you do is set down ground rules. If the contractors keep on violating those ground rules, then that’s a deal-breaker. Time to move on to a different team.

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