5 Red Flags When Hiring a Home Renovation Firm

by | Apr 4, 2022 | House Renovation

Renovations require commitment, vision, and funds. You also need pros to help you. If you’re hiring a general contractor, make sure you’re on the lookout for signs of a dodgy service provider. Here are some of them. If you encounter any of the signs on the list, walk away and start looking for a different firm.

Paid in Cash

In many industries, the preferred payment is through credit card or the bank. That way, if there’s a problem, you can hold the payment. But if the firm wants to be paid in cash, that could be a sign that you’re making a hiring mistake.

Too Good to Be True

If the firm quotes a super low price, one that’s not even believable, there’s something fishy about that. It could be a ruse set to draw in customers like you. Once they show you cheap prices for their services, they’ll hit you with a ton of other fees or hidden charges. Steer clear of these firms. Look for a home improvement company Indianapolis that charges a reasonable rate instead.

No Contract

Any company you hire will ask you to sign a contract. If the firm doesn’t have one, though, and even dismisses the need for a contract, that’s a red flashing flag. Don’t be tempted into giving in. A contract might mean extra cost, but it also protects you. Without it, you could be in big trouble later.

High Up-front Pay

There’s nothing wrong with asking for up-front pay. But if it’s more than 20 percent of the total bill, that’s a bit exorbitant. Do a bit more homework and check if the firm is reliable.

Not Following the Rules

Check if the firm complies with the terms and conditions of its contracts. Read through reviews. If that isn’t the case, it’s not too late to ditch the firm and hire a better one Green Men Restoration Group.

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