4 Things to Consider When Buying a Serta Mattress Murrieta CA

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Home Improvement

When buying a new mattress from Actionmaytag.com, customers should be aware of each choice’s value and quality. However, there are other variables to consider as well. In this article, readers can learn what to think about when buying a mattress.

Shop Based on Quality and Value Rather Than Price

A Serta Mattress Murrieta CA with thicker padding and more coils tends to be of higher cost and quality, but a higher cost does not always guarantee that a mattress is comfortable or supportive. Mattress sellers often have sales, and it’s always good to comparison shop.

Don’t Fall for Ad Gimmicks

Claims that mattresses are “doctor approved” or “orthopedic” must be viewed with a degree of skepticism. There’s been little research on mattresses and back pain, and it’s up to the individual to determine whether a mattress and its features make it a good buy.

Rest Test the Mattress Before Buying

To test out mattresses, customers can try different models and makes in guest homes or hotels before going to the store. When shopping at a mattress store, the customer can lie down for a few minutes to decide if a particular mattress is a good fit. If the bed is to be shared, both people should test it to determine the level of comfort and space.

Buy From a Trusted Seller

When choosing a new mattress, the seller’s customer service is just as important as the mattress itself. Consider the seller’s delivery options, removal of old bedding, warranty and return policy. Choose a mattress store where the customer can return the new set if they are dissatisfied with the comfort or the quality after sleeping on it for a set time period (usually, several weeks to a month or more).

To preserve a new mattress’ quality, it should be repositioned and flipped twice per year to ensure even wear on both sides. To do this, rotate the mattress 180 degrees and flip it lengthwise. According to the Better Sleep Council, don’t put the Serta Mattress Murrieta CA on a non-matching foundation or box spring, as this can decrease a new mattress’ life. Visit website for more details.

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