4 Considerations for Commercial Flooring for LaGrange, GA, Businesses

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Flooring

Businesses of all types in and around LaGrange, GA, have many choices to make when installing new flooring in a location or replacing existing flooring. It can be difficult to narrow down your choices and select one that meets all your needs.

Before visiting a LaGrange GA commercial flooring store, it is a good idea to stop and consider the following factors about the flooring. This helps the sales staff to be able to match your needs with the best flooring options based on your business type. 

Type of Traffic 

While residential types of flooring must be able to withstand household traffic, commercial flooring is designed to stand up to a range of different options. In retail outlets, foot traffic, including dirt and moisture, is typically a consideration. For restaurants or commercial kitchens, non-skid and non-slip types of flooring are often necessary for safety. 

For many types of commercial buildings, heavy foot traffic, as well as light to heavy use of equipment on the floor, must be considered. Knowing if equipment, carts, or machines can be moved across the floor without causing damage is always a factor to discuss. 

Maintenance and Cleaning 

Most commercial flooring is easy to maintain. However, it is vital to talk about the frequency of cleaning and the type of equipment or services currently in use. Carpeting is a more labor-intensive type of flooring to maintain, while tile and laminate can be cleanedn with basic mopping or sweeping. 

Durability and Design

Always ask about the expected lifespan of the given flooring under consideration. The most expensive flooring used in commercial venues is not always the most durable, but the most durable may not offer the designs and specific look you want for the business. 


For both residential and commercial installations, considering the cost of the flooring is always a factor. By working closely with a top flooring store, finding the right combination of cost and quality is often much easier than you may have expected.

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