You Need Drywood Termite Control in Phoenix Arizona if You Have These Signs

Drywood termites are not as common as subterranean termites, or termites that live underground, but they still can do as much damage. If you have any of the following signs, then you need Termite Control in Phoenix Arizona or elsewhere as soon as possible.

Little Piles of Sawdust

Suddenly, you notice little piles of sawdust beneath windows, staircases, doorframes or anywhere there is wood. Where are they coming from? The piles are not made of sawdust but of drywood termite poop or frass.

Weird Clicks

Those weird clicks coming from the walls or floors are not just the wind. They are termite noises. Specifically, they are noises of the termites chewing. One termite chewing does not make a noise, but colonies are in the thousands. When they all start chewing, you can hear them.

Strange Noises When You Knock On Wood

Does one step sound odd when you walk down the stairs or porch steps? Use your knuckled to literally knock on wooden structures of your home. If some parts sound vastly different, that’s because drywood termites have hollowed out that part of the wood. Always knock the wooden parts over any pile of sawdust found to further check for termites.

The Least You Need to Know

Strange noises and strange piles of sawdust could mean you need Termite Control in Phoenix, Arizona, or elsewhere. If you have more questions about drywood termite damage and live in the greater Phoenix area, contact Mike’s Swat Pest Team and Termite Control today.

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