Use MDF Doors in Your Kitchen, Buy Drawer Fronts, Too

As beautiful as real wood is, when used in the kitchen or bathroom, it tends to warp and crack because of the humidity. The ideal solution for cabinet doors and drawer fronts is MDF, Medium-Density Fiberboard. MDF is made from wood fibers; the fibers are mixed with resin and wax and formed into dense panels through the application of heat and pressure. MDF is a step up from plywood; it is considerably stronger and very durable.

MDF Is A Great Choice

MDF is used extensively for cabinet doors and drawer fronts; there are valid reasons for this:

  • As room temperature and humidity fluctuate, wood expands and contracts, which leads to unwanted cracking and warping. MDF does not, as there is no defined wood grain, the material moves as a unit.
  • MDF is an engineered product made from fine particles of wood; it does not have grain. The surface is very smooth and takes paint beautifully.
  • MDF is easily cut and drilled; this feature allows extensive customization. Whatever panel feature you want, you can get when you choose MDF over wood.
  • If the door you are constructing is quite large, MDF is ideal, as it has no joints whereas large panels of wood are made from multiple pieces.

MDF Is Ideal For Kitchen And Bathroom

MDF is an ideal material for the kitchen. The material is easy to paint, easy to clean and will never warp or crack.

It is not only used in the kitchen. MDF is an ideal material for the bathroom where water and high humidity must be dealt with. For bathroom applications, MDF is available with moisture resistant qualities.

MDF doors are not only stylish; the material is ideal for making custom design panels.

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