Planning For Door Replacement In Your Flagstaff, AZ House

by | May 20, 2020 | Hardware Store

If your home already has a door, planning a do-it-yourself replacement is not as difficult it may seem. With just a few tools and some help, most door replacement Flagstaff, AZ projects can be completed in a few hours.

The basics of the door replacement Flagstaff, AZ project are very similar to taking out an old window and replacing it with a new option. However, the door is larger and more difficult to handle, so having the project planned out in advance is a must.

Measure the Existing Door

To limit the amount of carpentry work required for the replacement, be sure to measure your existing door. Most styles of doors, including sliding and French doors, are standard heights and widths, making it easy to find the ideal replacement.

Door Configuration

With sliding doors, the door replacement Flagstaff, AZ can be the same configuration, right or left side slide, or you can flip the configuration without any challenges. If you are changing from a sliding door to French doors, or vice versa, consider how the door swing works with the room.

This is particularly critical with open doors to the interior of the exterior of the house when replacing a sliding door with a French style of door. Not all interior and exterior spaces can accommodate doors in the open position, which is one of the reasons sliding doors are always popular and efficient.

It will be key to ensure the door is installed level. Sliding or traditional types of doors that are not level will stick and be difficult to open and close.

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