Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Pest Control

Good night. Sleep tight. Unfortunately, if you have bed bugs, they will bite. And because bed bugs are experts at hiding and scurrying, the only time you ever realize that you have a bed bug problem is at night, when it is dark and they come out to feed—on you. Bed bugs are like vampires, they come out at night and they only drink blood. They will leave marks on your skin, the appearance of which will vary depending on the person and how their skin reacts. Some people find that bed bug bites are itchy but look different from mosquito bites. Other signs that bed bugs have bitten during the night will be tiny spots of blood on your sheets or pillow. Bed bug removal is unfortunately almost as tricky as getting rid of vampires.

Bed bug removal starts with first trying to clean everything you can, especially your sheets, towels, and upholstery, and then calling a pest control service because chances are even cleaning will have just driven the bed bugs into their characteristic hiding places. A bed bug removal service involves several steps starting with detection. Sometimes a pest control service will have a specially trained staff of canines that know what the bed bugs smell like so it is easier to find them. Once the hiding places have been identified, the treatments can begin in earnest. Instead of driving a stake through their heart as if they were little vampires, professional pest control services use heat treatments for bed bug removal. The heat treatments can actually get rid of your bed bug problem, but it does require that the heating equipment be left in the home for a certain period of time until the problem has been eliminated. In the meantime, make sure that every time you come home from a trip, you wash all your clothes and your bags because you never know when you might have inadvertently invited bed bugs into your home.

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