Certified James Hardie Siding Installation in Carmel

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Siding Contractor

Proper Siding Installation in Carmel is crucial to getting the maximum benefits from the product. It is also an essential component of keeping a manufacturer warranty valid. Some high-quality manufacturers, like James Hardie, for example, have a program that certifies exemplary contractors as installers. There are minimum qualifications to meet, and standards to maintain, in order to become certified.

Some Qualifications

The experienced contractor has to be in compliance with installation best practices to ensure attention to detail and exceptional results. A demonstrated professional sales approach is also required. The product will practically sell itself, and no pressure or exaggerated claim is acceptable. The manufacturer will not certify a contractor that is not professional at all times.

Certified contractors, such as Amos Exteriors Inc, are also subject to regular and random installation audits by representatives of the James Hardie brand. Several customers are also interviewed to determine their degree of satisfaction with both the siding and the contractor.

Siding Options

Fiber cement siding is a premium choice because it is durable. The warranty on the product is an industry leading twenty-five years. Insulation is thicker than most brands and far superior to vinyl siding. The high-quality siding will help lower utility bills, prolong heating and cooling systems, and make occupants more comfortable.

Vinyl siding is also available for customers. It is a more cost-effective choice that will protect the building and lower energy costs. This siding also has insulation; it will just not be as thick as other types. Proper Siding Installation in Carmel will ensure the vinyl siding will provide the maximum benefits the product has to offer.

Beginning the Process

A free fifteen point inspection of the exterior will allow installers to assess the condition of the home or business. From there, recommendations will be made, and customers can make informed decisions regarding how to proceed.

The siding of any type is available in many colors and is virtually maintenance-free. Unlike paint, it will not have to be redone every three to five years. The color will not fade, and the panels are not susceptible to rotting, insects, or cracking. Consider siding before painting the house again.

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