7 Reasons Local Roofing Companies in Twin Cities, MN Deal With Leaks

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Roofing Contractor

Most people, at some point, take the roof over their head for granted until there’s a problem. When the roof is leaking, it can’t be ignored or put off until another day. By the time a leak occurs, it has likely already caused serious problems such as mold, rot, and structural damage. Roofs leak for a variety of reasons, some of which are explained below.


Bad flashing is one of the most common reasons for a roof leak. These thin metal strips cover the roof’s seams, and when they’re damaged, leaks are a concern. If a contractor did a poor job of installing flashing (or didn’t do it at all), there’s likely to be a leak.


A chimney stack tends to collect water that trickles down through the tiniest holes. If there’s any standing water near the chimney, it can cause a leak.

Penetration Points

Running a pipe through a roof is sometimes necessary, but it’s not always the best idea. Once a pipe penetration is sealed, there still may be an opening through which water can trickle.


A skylight is a great addition to a home. Not only does it add visual interest, it brings in natural light and brightens the home’s interior. However, if it’s poorly installed, a skylight can be a big cause of leaks.

Fasteners and Shingles

During a storm or a windy day, shingles and roof fasteners can be damaged or dislodged. This leaves a path for water to get into the underlayment of the roof, causing leaks and other problems.

Poor Workmanship

Improper installation and substandard workmanship is one of the main reasons for roof leaks. Local Roofing Companies in Twin Cities, MN play a crucial role in whether a roof will develop a leak. Poor workmanship causes leaks, which means it’s important to choose a qualified professional who has installed similar roofs in the past.

The Roof’s Age

If a roof is approaching the end of its lifespan (approximately 20 years), it’s more likely to have an issue, especially if it hasn’t been properly maintained. If the roof is about two decades old, it may make more sense to replace it than to repair it.

In Closing

If there’s a roof leak, LLocal Roofing Companies in Twin Cities, MN can provide thorough inspections, detailed action plans. Call Fit The Bill Construction today or visit the website to schedule an estimate.

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